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August 9, 2007 by toothache's revenge

so i just came across this, maybe you've already seen it.
July 10, 2007 by toothache's revenge
this will be pretty short.

a little more than a year ago, my daughter told us that she wanted to try out for the softball team.

she is a hard worker, this kid. and when she sets her mind to it, she gets it done. she wants to try so many different things.

she is also kind of a clutz. she can fall over turning off a light.

she didn't make the team. we told her that stuff like this happens sometimes, but she should practice the skills she was lacking, and try out next time. she was a l...
July 2, 2007 by toothache's revenge
so, do you have any idea how wasteful a concert bonanza like live earth is?

i don't, but i'm sure its pretty outrageous. i just think this whole thing is mis-guided. i really don't have much to say about it, but think about it for a minute.
get all those rockstars in one place (or i guess 10 places) from who knows where, some of whom travel with many tractor trailers and other vehicles in their convoys. the power it takes to make them all loud enough, it could go on and on.

think about it...
June 14, 2007 by toothache's revenge
i've been watching and reading a lot over the last couple of days.
don't know how i ended up here, but you have some very interesting people writing here.
i hope to read more.